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Veneto Italy offers the following products:


- Pellets

- Wood bed slats

- Plywood and Curved details

- Furniture mechanisms

Pellets  is an environmentally friendly fuel that is used for the production of heat and electricity by burning. Wood pellets of a high quality are used for heating by burning in boilers, furnaces and fireplaces.

In the production of pellets we use only environmentally-friendly raw materials, growing in ecologically clean region of Ukraine.

Wood bed slats (latoflex)  are an integral part of modern design beds. Due to the flexibility, strength and durability of these products they are indispensable in the furniture industry.

Slats are used in production of upholstered furniture, bases for mattresses, “click-clack” and “accordion” sofas, draw-out and the folding mechanism on the metal.


Veneto Italy offers plywood of 2/2-4/4 grade, which is widely used in the manufacture of furniture. Sheet sizes: 1525x1525 mm, thickness of 8-21 mm.

Such plywood is convenient to use in the construction of residential and storage space, various outbuildings, used as formwork, roof structures, used in the transport machinery and furniture production. In recent years, the plywood is often used as a basis for under laminate flooring, carpet, parquet, linoleum.

Curved parts offered by Veneto Italy meet international environmental standards and have emission class E1. That's why our Curved products are used in the production of school and office, as well as for upholstered furniture.

Veneto Italy also offers transformation mechanisms for upholstered furniture, orthopedic bed frames, school desks and other furniture accessories.

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