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Plywood and Curved parts

"Veneto Italia" is the exclusive representative of the Ukrainian brand «BKM-Wood» (plywood and curved parts) in Italy.

Plywood – laminated plate is a honeycomb structure which is produced by the method of compression of the specially prepared veneer. Plywood is widely used in the furniture industry.

Plywood is convenient to use in the construction of storage facilities, various outbuildings used as formwork, roofing structures, as well as in transport engineering. In recent years plywood is often used as a base for floor coverings for laminated flooring board, fitted carpet, parquet, linoleum. Special qualities of this plywood provide to such coverings heat and sound insulation.

Characteristics of Plywood:

GOST - 3916.1 - 96, GOST 30427-96

Standard Thickness: 8-21 mm

Sheet size: 1525*1525 mm

Grade 2/2 - 4/4

Options:  laminated

Emission class: E1







Curved parts

Curved parts are widely used in furniture production. These are seats and backs of chairs, legs, sides and side-bar chairs and stools, support furniture, table legs, armrests, boxes, etc. Curved parts are much easier and cheaper than a parts of massive wood, and it is more convenient to assemble.

In the production of CURVED PARTS the BKM-Wood company uses only environmentally friendly raw materials, growing in ecologically clean region of Ukraine.

Our CURVED PARTS meet international environmental standards. That's why CURVED PARTS manufactured by BKM-Wood, used in the production of school and office furniture, upholstered furniture.

Offered products comply with all necessary regulations.

Curved parts are the best base for a chair. Curved parts are applied for seats in vehicles, as the backs and seats for office furniture, school furniture and children's chairs, round back and seat are used to make bar stools.


Characteristics of Curved parts:



For vehicle seats

500х400х8 mm

Back and Seat for office furniture

1600х455х10 mm,

345х760х10 mm

Round Backs and Seats are used to make bar stools

400х400х18 mm

Emission grade


It is possible to manufacture molds according to your drawings in short terms.

Advantages of  the BEECH CURVED PARTS:

– Strength and elasticity – because of using of natural beech;

– Environmentally friendly;

– High quality because of use careful selection of materials and the use of high-tech equipment;

– Resistance to mechanical damage;

– Durability

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