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"Veneto Italia" is the exclusive representative of the Ukrainian brand «BioPellets» in Italy.

Completely natural product, wood pellets produce thermal energy safely and economically, without polluting the environment.

Due to the natural properties of wood (wood lignin becomes a binder under high temperature), the production process does not use chemicals, making pellets environmentally friendly product.

A compact form of pellets allows you to save storage space.

All these qualities make pellets convenient, economical and safe fuel for heating furnaces, fireplaces and boilers.

Pellet di faggio Industriale 
(contenuto di ceneri  - 0,87%, umidita’ - 6,65%) ad un ottimo prezzo.    
Alla conclusione del contratto per l'acquisto di  500 tonn - 110 euro/tonnellata, FCA Ukrainе
L'offerta è valida fino al 1 marzo 2015.

Characteristics of Pellets:


6 mm

Ash content





30 mm

Raw material

Spruce, beech


650 kg/m3

Caloric value

≥ 18,7 MJ/kg


Bags 15 kg

Big Bag


The company operates under the FCA, DAP, DDP. Shipment of the goods is made by auto transport.

We are searching for logistic companies which can provide transport for delivering pellets from Ukraine to Europe: Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia. 
About 30 cars per month!

In case you are interested in cooperation please call +380503840392
or send your e-mail to


Offered products are certified and comply with all necessary regulations. Pellets are certified by SGS.



Our company has several offices in Ukraine and Italy
We sell pellets only from the following legal parties:
Veneto Italia S.r.l. – Italy, Via San Dona di Piave (VE)
"Zdoroviy son" LLC - Ukraine, Chernivtsi region, Beregomet
"BKM Wood" LLC - Ukraine, Chernivtsi region, Krasnoilsk
All other legal parties and companies are not a part of "BKM Wood" holding and act illegally.




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